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Nous provides host of services to help its customers navigate to SaaS to minimize total cost of ownership as well as position them to reap the benefits of SaaS adoption by providing the end users with lower payback period, lower initial costs and painless upgrades, customers get the advantage of easy extendibility and scalability, seamless integration and multi tenancy of the application

We are well versed with designing and developing scalable SaaS applications that are multi-tenant-efficient, extendible and configurable. Our SaaS CoE ensures that you get what you have envisaged with our prototype building model. Our teams of experts have profound experience in prototyping SaaS applications, building scalable multi-tenant applications for global clients.

We have proven experience in building the following SaaS components:
  • Scalability: Web farm Implementation
  • Metadata Services: Configurable UI, Branding and Workflow processes
  • Security Services: Authentication and Authorization
  • Shared Services: Provisioning, Usage Monitoring, Metering, Billing, Payment Processing and Customer Management
  • Monitoring: Availability and Performance

Nous is partnered with Apprenda, the creators of the SaaSGrid platform - a complete, powerful and flexible application server for on-demand applications which greatly reduces the difficulties of building and delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Apprenda framework helps our customers quickly build monetize and scale applications seamlessly in a .NET native environment with time savings of up to 40- 60 %.

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A CMMI ® Level 5, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certified company that places a very high emphasis on quality and understands the importance of developing defect free solutions.

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