SaaS Scoping and Planning

When adopting SaaS you have to consider many things during planning such as business process modeling, data modeling, adoption strategy, security requirements, hosting strategy, etc.

Nous SaaS CoE is backed up with a strong expertise of SaaS platforms and components together with advanced custom software development practices. Nous' "SaaSFormation" methodology and rich experience in SaaS-specific tools, techniques and design patterns has enabled us to serve our customers with high-quality SaaS enablement services consistently across the globe.

Our research and development team analyzes your existing system and comes up with a development model, application architecture and the database architecture (shared – database/schema or isolated database). We provide the most efficient SaaS development model which comprises scalable design multi-tenancy, configurable metadata and RIA UI Design. Nous helps you envision, prepare, build & implement in adopting to SaaS platform.

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A CMMI ® Level 5, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certified company that places a very high emphasis on quality and understands the importance of developing defect free solutions.

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