VP, Operations, Leading Provider of Foodservice Products

"We are and always have been extremely happy with Nous. We receive 100% professional software and support that is equally as excellent. Nous has always responded to our changes with openness and optimism. We received excellent responses to urgent requests and overall Nous completed projects ahead of their scheduled due dates. I recommend Nous to anyone looking for professional software design, development, and support."

CTO, Leading E-Learning Organization

"By far, we have been most impressed with Nous' responsiveness to issues that have arisen over the life of the project. Your commitment to doing whatever it takes to keep the project on track has been very much appreciated. Overall, I think the Nous team has done a very good job under what have been, at times, quite difficult circumstances. They are bright, responsive, committed and hardworking and we enjoy working with them immensely."

Founder, Web-Based Healthcare Solutions

"I truly feel blessed to have Nous as our partner. I know that the hardest part is behind us now and I appreciate all that you have done on your side to get us through. The Project has been an unbelievable challenge but we came out in the end as a better company, a better team, a better product and we can look forward to a better future."

Director of Innovation, One of the Largest Providers of Software Solutions for the Packaging Industry

"New Product Development on mainstream technologies, new Business CRM was the best experience with Nous. Also accommodating last minute project needs was done well. Very Experienced, Productive Developers."

Business Manager, Intellectual Property (IP) and Legal Outsourcing Company

"Dealing with the Nous Team was always a good experience. They were thorough professionals who took great pains to understand our business and our perspective."

Business Analyst, Leading Global Provider of End-to-End Business Solutions

"Provision of on-going releases/patches is excellent. General commitment to quality of end-product by initial project team, particularly the advice and communication given during initial project design was the Best Experience we had with Nous."

President, One of the Largest Providers of Open Source Solutions

"The Nous Team who was here on site did an excellent job going beyond what they were supposed to do. Without their effort we wouldn't have been able to deliver on time. Thanks to them."

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A CMMI ® Level 5, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 certified company that places a very high emphasis on quality and understands the importance of developing defect free solutions.

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